Monday, March 7, 2016

Follow These Female Principals - They're #EduAwesome

I know a ton of Elementary Principals that are male, I also know a TON of female Elementary Principals who are #eduawesome! The ten female Principals below are school leaders right now, they're in the trenches, on the front lines and all very active members in my PLN! 

I'm a father of a daughter, and showing her what is capable as a career is always important to me. Having a strong, fun, innovative, caring, in touch and passionate female Principal is key!

Please connect with the 10 ladies below, you won't be disappointed - they all rock!

Tracey Allen is Principal at Wilson Elementary School in Gridley, California and is always putting herself out there for kids. (check out the photo above) Tracey also presents at STEAM conferences and is the leading force of eduawesome on her campus with teachers! Connect with Tracey on Twitter and Voxer for some of her great energy!

Lindsy Stumpenhorst is Principal at Washington Elementary School in Illinois and is known to roll up her pants and play soccer at lunch with her students. She's got amazing energy and someone you for sure need to follow on Twitter and connect with on Voxer!

Jessica Cabeen is Principal of Woodson Kindergarten Center in Austin, Minnesota. She has 400+ Kindergartners at her school and is coding with them, has introduced Bee Bots and supporting their academic/emotional development so they're all ready for 1st grade. And next year, she has an entirely new student body - all Kindergarten students! Connect with Jessica on Voxer and Twitter for sure!

Melissa Kartsimas is an Elementary Principal in Chicago and I would definitely check out her blog Principal Melissa for some great ideas on how she runs her school! This year for the 100th Day of School she made 100 positive phone calls home to parents, wow! Connect with Melissa on Twitter and Voxer!

Lynn Colon is an Elementary Principal in Northern Virginia and is the epitome of a relevant school leader! She codes with kids, has purchased Sphero's this year and has basically transformed her school into a Disneyland type environment where everyone is welcome and feels amazing! You can connect with Lynn on Voxer and Twitter, she is definitely a Principal to watch!

Esmeralda Moseley is a dual immersion Elementary Principal in Napa, CA and has most recently created a Voxer group for other dual immersion Principals in the area! She has amazing motivation for kids and amazingly sweet personality! Esmeralda is also an emerging blogger, check it out here!

Kelley McCall is an Elementary Principal in Kansas and a huge sports fan. Kelley is also a affiliate and trainer where she spends time training other school leaders and teachers to bring coding into their schools! You can connect with Kelley on Twitter and Voxer - she's got tons of motivation and energy that you'll want to soak in!

Sanee Bell is currently an Elementary Principal in Texas and the Katy ISD Principal of the Year! You can read Sanee's blog here and I would highly recommend you connect with her on Twitter and Voxer! Sanee was also a guest on the Kids Deserve It show which you can watch here!

Shayna Peeff is a second year Elementary Principal in Lafeyette, CA and is the epitome of a student centered leader. Shayna routinely reads to classes, dances at recess with kids and tweets all day long about the awesome work happening at her school! You can connect with Shayna on Twitter and Voxer!

Claire Giardino is an Elementary Principal in Ohio and a newer member to my PLN. Claire is on Voxer, she reads books to classes each month, and has great energy that has motivated me! You can follow Claire's school on Twitter here!

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