Tuesday, March 4, 2014

John Swett Elementary - Few Updates

We have  A LOT going on at John Swett these days and here's a brief update below!

Yesterday was Read Across America Day and I read 'The Day the Crayons Quit' to sixteen classes, it was a blast!

The banner that's hanging in my office, I Tweet this about once a month, it's a great reminder!

130+ Tweets last week from our JSE account, not bad for a small Elementary School.

Our PE Teacher @jsepeguy has brought his classroom and Common Core to the next level. Our 5th graders brought their laptops into PE last week and during the rainy weather created their own PE games in their Google Drive. (some examples are below)

Great visual for 'Foot Dodge' created in Google Docs by a 5th grader, yes a 5th grader created this during PE class!

Some 5th graders decided to write out their game in Google Docs!
Brave Mudder
Today’s obstacle course will be challenging but don’t give up. No One will be able to do this course unless you are brave and AWESOME!!!!!!! You may not touch the ground and figure out a way to get across the blacktop.

You will need…
A tire, two hula hoops, a balance beam, teams of 6, two pool noodles,a frisbee, and a roller scooter.

How to play…
You will need the equipment above. After that is done put the tire right in front of your line leader. Then you will give the line leader the frisbee and the two pool noodles, she/he will give it to two people of their choice. Those people with the pool noodles will be the ones pushing the scooter while on the balance beam pushing the leader. When the people with the pool noodles are done pushing they will use the hula hoops and place them on the ground one by one to stepping in them on their way back. While the pool noodle people are stepping their way back they are also pushing the leader back. The leader will still have the frisbee if the leader drops the frisbee the whole team will have to start all over again. (Warning: if pool noodle people step out of the hula hoop you will have to start all over again) Your goal is to get to the edge of the grass from the beginning of the first solar pannel pole.. When everyone has finished the relay you have won you have finished Brave Mudder! You are a champion!!!!!!!


Genius Hour is SO much more than just Genius Hour, I blogged this topic last month and @JenniferDeWeerd class presented their projects last Friday. Check our @jseroadrunners feed for ALL my Tweets last week. I also received two emails from parents about HOW AMAZINGLY excited their kids were to be involved with Genius Hour and to present. Talk about student engagement and kids being excited to come to school, it hands down does not get any better than this!

Twitter has changed our school, if you're not on....you need to be!

#teamkid #makeithappen

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