Saturday, September 28, 2013

Empowering Student Voice - Week 8 #savmp

Podcasting is one of the most amazing ways I feel we can empower student voice on so many different levels. With so many different platforms available, I've had the most success with! I was first exposed to Garage Band which I've always thought was not user friendly and I always struggled with 'what' to do with the podcast once it was finished.

We wanted to share the 'voice' with our classmates/parents/teachers/world and the whole 'export' process was cumbersome. This is when we found, the audiboo app and our student voice took off!

Podcast with your class! Podcast to your parents! Podcast your message rather than over the school intercom! Podcast to your pen-pals rather than having them actually write!

What else, what else?

Check out our JSERoadrunners channel for some school wide examples!

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