Friday, December 29, 2017

More - My #OneWord for 2018


That was my #OneWord for 2017. I can remember the comments after publishing my blog post last December and making it public. 

“Interesting word Adam.”

“I’m ‘excited’ to follow your progress”

‘Hmmmmm, let’s see how this turns out”

It turned out great. Everyone should suffer on some level on a regular basis, let me tell you why.

My experience in 2017 and the suffering I wanted to endure and experience and share publicly has led me directly to my word for 2018 with new goals attached. The experiences I went through. The people I met. The thoughts I had in my brain. The highs and lows. It’s led me to a very profound realization.

I have more. You have more. We all have more. It’s inside of us, but it’s completely up to you if you’re going to go find it.

More energy. More pain. More smiles. More patience. More laughter. More races. More time for family. More time for me. One more step. One more committment. One more connection. One more minute reading. One more teacher to connect with. One more run to go on. More more more more more.

I have more - because I don’t know what tomorrow looks like. The capitalization of every single second has me fixated on my life and maximizing the potential that’s currently being stored in my body. For my family. For friends. For colleagues. For whoever has the tenacity, grit and desire to capture it and realize it’s fruition. It is up to you.

In 2017 when I thought I was done, I realized there was more inside me. When I was tired, exhausted, had sore muscles and wanted to sleep - I found more energy to expend. 

When I didn’t want to wake up day in and day out at 4am to train for another race, I developed the discipline to make it happen. 

When I was making dinner, doing laundry or cleaning the house and one of my kids wanted to play - I found a way to do them both,

When there were fires nearby and the air was filled with smoke, we put on masks and got our miles in anyway. We had more.

When I was busy at work, at home and with training. I found the time to fly across the country and surprise a friend with a visit to her school. I had more.

When I didn’t think there was time to write another book, send another sticker, collaborate with others from around the country or just simply do one more thing - I did. I had more.

2017 was the year of my marathon project. One marathon a month for the entire year, with December being a double back to back marathon that was an amazing experience. And a 24 hour race on New Years Eve. (happening in two days) If I can do more, you can do more too.

I challenge you in 2018 to do more. Find more to do. Focus more on a passion or challenge you’ve been avoiding. Do more in your personal life and less in your professional. Push yourself to new levels you’ve never achieved or even thought were possible. 

If you don’t try to do more, there’s no way you ever will. 

What’s your plan?

I’ll be doing more this year!

Go. Do. More. 

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