Sunday, January 1, 2017

My #OneWord2017 - Suffer

For all of my ten plus years of blogging, this is my first #OneWord post. After reading so many inspiring and reflective blogs from educator friends I decided it was time for mine. 

I've already set a pretty large goal for 2017, in which I'm going to run twelve marathons this coming year, one each month. Maybe you're already wondering how my #OneWord and running a marathon every month in 2017 has any relevancy in education at all, let me explain.

I really hesitate to just focus on my work and career, and having actually taken a few steps back from blogging, social media and other 'career' enhancing endeavors that were taking a toll on my family and other passions of mine. I'm fanatical about running, eating well and taking care of my body and that really defines how I live, more than my work in education.

This brings me to my #OneWord choice for 2017........ SUFFER. 

When I run 26.2 miles I suffer. I'm able to see inside my body and find ideas, solutions and capacity I would not have been able to access if it wasn't for the suffer. Suffering for me brings clarity. I've run nine marathons in my life so far and I'm constantly forced to hone in on minute details that are swirling around in my brain. All other noise is pushed out - because I'm running a long way and only that which really matters gets revealed.

 For me it's really a form of mediation, sifting out the clutter to reveal the nuggets of goodness that have risen to the surface for more attention.

I've had the taste of it, and I want to suffer more. I want to find more clarity. I want to bring out what's really most important in my body and mind, so I can analyze it even deeper and reach my full capacity. Hard work and dedication has really been at the core of my life for a long time, and it's time to ramp it up a few notches.

Suffering this year will strengthen my body for sure, but also my work as an educator and author. It's those moments at mile 17, mile 25, those 4am training runs - that it all becomes crystal clear. I'm optimistic my #OneWord and goal for 2017 will have a delightful relationship together as I run throughout the year.

Come run with me if you're looking to suffer a bit and find something you didn't know was inside you, it's going to hurt but benefits are so worth it.

Carlsbad Marathon - January 15th
Iron Horse Trail Marathon - February 11th
Los Angeles Marathon - March 19th
Santa Rosa Marathon - August 27th (At mile ten you run through a winery tasting room!)
Night Sweats Marathon - September - 9th (Night Marathon starting at 8pm, on trails in Marin Headlands!)
Lake Tahoe Marathon - October 15th (Lake Tahoe - amazing!)
November - TBD (Any suggestions?!)

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  1. Adam,

    Suffer is such a unique #oneword choice. Best wishes as you joyfully suffer to attain your resolution. I pray you gain the clarity you seek.