Friday, October 9, 2015

Keep Climbing - Never Stop #KidsDeserveIt #PrincipalsInAction

When we stop moving forward, we become stagnant. When we stop climbing, we become restless. When we stop learning, we become outdated and stale. Never ever stop, kids deserve relevant. 

Our jobs are challenging, some days it feels like there are no wins, like it's all a bunch of missed field goals and overtime losses. Being a leader is exhausting. It's deflating at times. There are days I want to leave and not come back. 

I've never cried about work or about issues I'm dealing with as Principal, but I've cried for students who need more that I can give. I've cried with teachers who need my support. Just yesterday I was a little emotional because a staff member had such positive comments towards a parent that is working through some behaviors by their child. I gave her some personal kudos for the hard work and passion she brings everyday! It's so important and valuable to focus on the positive!

We must keep climbing for kids. Even when we want to leave our keys on the table and not return. 

We must never stop for kids, they deserve every ounce of energy, enthusiasm, passion, motivation, caring and creativity that we can muster.

Sometimes you just need to stop. Collect your thoughts. Regain perspective. It's so easy to focus on what is not going well, on what needs to change, on what could be done differently. 

Being a leader is similar to climbing a big mountain with an extremely heavy pack on - in the snow, during a storm, and you've run out of water. 

No matter how hard the challenge is, we must jump in, take that leap. Lace up those shoes, run faster and farther. Keep climbing, find a new route, push yourself.

Then, during the fray - while you're climbing - when you're jumping - as you're running - stop! Look around, take a seat, refocus your attention, analyze your output and where you're spending time and energy. 

Flip the switch and focus on your wins. The more you focus on positivity, the more wins will happen for you and your community. Enjoy the journey and that climb up your mountain. 

Please don't stop climbing. Please always jump in with both feet. Please get in the game and stay there until the fourth quarter. Never stop being awesome for kids, we mean more to them that we probably even realize. 

Kids need you. They want you. They deserve us to be suited up and ready to go. Now go!

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