Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This is 21st Century Learning

The term '21st Century Learning or 21st Century Skills' has been saturated, very much so, in my opinion. I hear the term(s) everywhere.....from teachers, parents, principals, superintendents and what are we all really talking about.

I feel we're addressing the needs of the 21st Century, with building Skills for Academic and Professional Success! We're of course twelve years in to the 21st Century and many mindsets are still stuck in the 90s. You don't need laptops, tablets, smart boards to build Skills for Academic and Professional Success, these skills come in many different forms.

A great article in the NY Times about a middle school in Queens that is having their students engage in a real hands-on project. They're building teamwork skills, collaboration, problem solving, research, contacting local officials, cross referencing their ideas......the skills they learn with this in depth project will no doubt benefit them academically and professionally!

Read the entire article here.....

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